fma245 said: Surprised you didn't make a post about part 2 of danso contest with Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay

I was but then I went on holiday before I could and now it feels like it’s a bit late.>.<


Oh Maachun, you deserve so much more love

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小笠原茉由 吉田朱里

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山本彩 小笠原茉由

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Forget the world, you are NaMBa 1!

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Yeah, like I can resist reblogging this…again!

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Come on Sayanee, it&#8217;s just a sneeze

Come on Sayanee, it’s just a sneeze


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Wait, Wat?

I think we missed something guys!


(AKB的人生論)松井玲奈 スクリーンの自分に震えた

Wait, didn’t Maachun do this exact shoot? or am I seeing things 66


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Anonymous said: Its been a while since you make mayuki fanfic. Im not sure if you take request or not but I BEG YOU PLEASE MAKE ONE!!! PLEASE!!

well, I can’t promise when but it is coming. It’s inevitable really, that is if anyone has been reading my other fics (and connected the dots)

Someone needs to remind all out there who is Yukirin’s Alpha waifu in this….

Fic–Iontas [Yukirin/Sasshi]

Iontas Black Gekikara An AKB48/HKT48 Kashiwagi Yuki & Sashihara Rino Fan Fic It was inevitable really. Sasshi is winning me over again each time I see she is back from her pedestal.


Apparently Miichan is the first one to receive this kind of affection (gift?) from Yukirin!!!!!

Damn it, damn it, damn it!

My priorities are getting all screwy >.<


Sorry, just reminiscing

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[News] 2014, 2014, 2014! FATEEEEEEEEE!



[News] 2014, 2014, 2014! FATEEEEEEEEE!

Seriously, what is up with this year!?! is it just me or is it proving to be totally exceptional!!?

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Yukirin will not graduate until she gets #1

LOL, now the fans won’t let her!

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